About me

Quick facts

I'm French, married with two kids, I lived in Nîmes, Paris and New York. I graduated from Ecole Polytechnique. I run and practice taekwondo. On my own time I'm a technology junkie.

As a developer I'm highly proficient in JavaScript, HTML, less/css and java. I love working on user interfaces and bring satisfaction to clients. I am extremely demanding when it comes to quality and polishing.

As leader I strive to establish a personal relation with every member of the team and find the right trigger to motivate everybody. I try to put people in the zone where they will be both happy with what they are doing and efficient in the way they do it. My ultimate goal is to align the interest of the team and the company to create the perfect work environment.

As a project manager, I'm capable of making hard decisions, and managing short term and long term priorities. I'm experienced in discussing features, priorities and risks with clients, partners and providers, and working in a highly international context.


Currently, I work as Deputy CTO for Oscaro. As a side effect, I'm adding python and django to my skill-set, and I enjoy working for an internal client.

Please find my (slightly outdated) resume below:

Program Manager / Lead developer

Skills Summary

  • User interface development patterns
  • Web application development patterns
  • JavaScript language
  • Java language
  • HTML / CSS
  • International project management
  • Large team management
  • Software delivery organization
  • Private equity environment
  • Written and oral presentations

Professional Experience

Efront (Paris)
Financial Software Company
Program manager
Aug. 2013 - now
Dedicated investor portal for a leading fund administrator
  • All aspects of complex project delivery
  • International project management
Efront (NY)
Financial Software Company
Lead developer
Aug. 2012 - Aug. 2013
FrontInvest: Fund management software suite
  • Improving .Net skills
  • Discovering the USA !
Efront (Paris)
Financial Software Company
Software architect
Aug. 2011 – Aug 2012
pevara.com: Online portfolio benchmarking portal
  • Highly sophisticated user interface
  • Webedge (Efront framework)
  • HTML, CSS, JQuery, Highcharts
  • Leading a team to create a new product from scratch
Software architect
Jan. 2009 – Jul. 2011
Poincare: Multipurpose integrated data and calculation management tool
  • J2EE, PBSPro, Matlab, FLEX
  • Management experience (4 developers, user interface)
  • Bug fixes on large legacy code
  • January, 2008 – December, 2008
Jan. 2008 – Dec. 2008
Bug fixes on large legacy code


Ecole Polytechnique
Engineering school
2003 - 2006
Best French engineering school.
  • General engineer formation.
  • Specialization in several areas of computer science.
  • Military training.
Saint Genevieve
French « Classes Préparatoires »
2000 - 2003
Strong mathematics background acquisition