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Welcome to my personal site!

Since I can't help on experimenting on most recent stuff and reinventing the wheel to try different shapes, I decided to put my toys here online and share them with others.

What will you find here:

If you decide to follow me, you will be fed with a healthy mix of geeky stuff: tutorials, performance tips, iconoclastic ideas, best practice sermons, crazy experiences, pledges for lost causes, coding puzzles, and even sometimes bad mistakes to learn from if you are nice. Followers will be fed on a "random frequency basis" (I have a family and my job is also quite demanding ;=).

If you want, you can learn more about me and see my resume here.

Tiny projects

Small simple personnal projects. Just for the fun of coding without a boss.


MERGE PDF Online, free, easy and FUN.

Free, easy and FUN.

CSS Shape Generator.

Draw what you like in HTML + CSS.


jsText library project thumbnail

Multiline text-overflow: ellipsis!...

...and much more

Fluid progressbar.

Progressbar library project thumbnail

Progressbar fuild animation library.

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